Bar Area Cleaning and Repairs

The Bar at the Waukegan Yacht Club has three primary entrances, the shortest of which by land is from the vestibule entry and past the coat room. Some of you are saying to yourselves, “Coat room? I don’t remember a coat room.” That may be because for several years it has been obscured by a curtain that hid a variety of stored items that prevented the room’s intended use

“Coat room? I don’t remember a coat room…”

This is no longer the case thanks in great part to the initiative of the Junior SAIL program director who began an impatient adventure “in search of…the floor” while waiting for the social committee to finish a meeting, the room is ready for coats, jackets, and lifejackets to hang with sufficient space for damp items to stay separated for drying.

Due to the array of plants growing in composing leaves on the roof, several ceiling tiles required replacing. Since the previous effort to clear all organic materials from the roof and the first phase of spot-seal on roof surfaces had been completed (see previous article), our volunteers could remove and replace the tiles in three corners and on either side of the fireplace.

It took less than three minutes for our newest board member, Toby Payne, to repair the bent connection for the blinds in the northeast corner and restore them to proper use.

Those of you who self-identify as “a little bit OCD” will understand the extra time our four-member ceiling volunteer crew spent trying to do the best possible job of matching the many varieties of cream color tiles in the space to avoid drawing the eye toward them.

Carpets will likely get a third round of steam cleaning before the revitalizing efforts are complete for the building, in anticipation of creating more dirt during some decorating tasks, and the wood bar rail is sanded and taped – awaiting its rejuvenation.

If you would like to volunteer, please reach out today to!