The Waukegan Yacht Club has occupied this property in every year since 1927. As we were then, we remain a cross-collar collection of diverse families who share a passion for mentoring and education in safe boating. We have never been rich – our membership has always reflected the hard-working spirit of the population of our city.

With reliance upon a return to a land lease appropriate to the symbiotic outcomes of our nonprofit purpose – which make Waukegan Harbor a desireable destination for visitors and marina slipholders – the WYC members intend to redevelop the property with modern, ADA compliant, and energy efficient facilities to serve our second century of member families and our surrounding community. Until that is possible, we appreciate your understanding and ask that you allow our members and leaders the opportunity to assist in accommodating individual situations.

Most significantly, restroom doorways are not ADA compliant for wheelchair access. If you or a member of your party utilize a wheelchair that will not pass through an opening in our restrooms, please do not hesitate to approach members or staff to request temporary closure of either restroom for private use for your family or guardian assisted support.

Insurance limitations prohibit staff contractors from assisting in the restrooms themselves; however, staff members are able to assist with identifying leaders who are most likely able to identify volunteers who are first responder, first aid, and/or SafeSport certified, therefore, most qualified to safely assist your family as volunteers.