You do not need to own a boat! If you have an interest in Waukegan Harbor, in Lake Michigan, or the environment on the Lakefront, then you are already qualified to join. Click on the link, complete the form and join us today.

Benefits of Membership

  • Extended Dining Hours & Member Exclusive Menu Items – pleasant club dining experiences for families, couples, friends, and guests
  • Member Dining Events & Parties – Special Menu Events— member holiday parties, cuisine tasting, & celebrations of diversity
  • Member Text News Flash – Random Reasons to Celebrate—big ships, moonrises, change in weather, marina milestones, local theatre, birthdays, engagements, spectator parties for contests of skill just outside the windows – be in the know about scheduled and unscheduled activities that the marina, the community, and mother nature presents to us
  • Travel Reciprocity – On vacation—gain access to clubs around the world or on your next out-of-state lakeside or oceanside adventure. LEVEL UP your experience by requesting a visiting member introduction letter from the Commodore and by bringing a burgee to swap