What if I don’t own a boat? – Lots of members do not own boats. Some members cruise or crew on boats owned by other people. Some members are considering owning a boat someday. Some members used to own a boat. Boat ownership is a journey that not every member will choose.

Who should be a member of WYC? – People who enjoy food, parties, and social events in a pleasant environment with an amazing harbor view! People interested in Waukegan Harbor, in Lake Michigan, in weather events, or the lakefront environment.

What if I want to don’t want to get on a boat? Boating is not required – the only requirements are appreciation for our harbor and Lake Michigan and patience for the wide array of classic boater’s tales that grow taller with each telling – the fish get stronger…the waves grow taller…the wind gusts get heavier…the crew pulls together to nose ahead in the last foot before the finish…and the laughter fills the room every time.

What if I want to get on a boat? There is no better place to meet people who would love to take you on a boat ride! Waukegan Yacht Club mentors proper maintenance care for safety equipment, instruments, and motors, and boat owners enjoy talking about their boats and what it takes to take good care of them.

What harbor interests do WYC members share? Everything Lake Michigan has to offer – Waukegan’s greatest natural resource for recreation & commerce – Waukegan Harbor’s active community – Enjoying the harbor view during dinner or a party – Watching children sailing in small boats in the harbor in summer – Watching crazy adults sailing in small boats in the harbor in cold weather from the warmth of the bar…Frostbiting? Are they nuts?? – Parties at the club for cruising/racing events that bring lots of boats all at once – Watching the big ships come and go – Appreciating the power of nature at her best and worst in all conditions…wind, waves, ice, and reflections.

What other interests do WYC members share? When sharing life’s celebrations, members will often break out into song. Sea shanty, show tunes, classic rock, or birthday wishes will suddenly develop into harmonies across the bar room or around a dining table – Waukegan’s Fine Arts history touched the Waukegan Yacht Club from the Symphony Chorus to the Symphony to the Municipal Symphonic Band – We don’t know where it started, but we know there used to be a piano and we still have a copy of a very old member song book in our archives.