2024 WYC Refresh & Realignment with our mission

Welcome to the refresh of the Waukegan Yacht Club website. The Waukegan Yacht Club is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit social organization. Therefore our new website is more properly waukeganyachtclub.org

We still own the previous domains and in the coming weeks, we will correct the billing information on the domains and direct visitors who are searching for us to the new site.

A word from the newly learned wise, if you are a member of a longstanding organization like ours, check your login credentials to avoid the pickle the WYC found itself in starting on February 7, 2024. We registered our websites in an era without 2-factor authentication. Our very first webmaster could not have imagined what was coming more than 2 decades later. All internet services reserve the right to change login policies with or without notice. GoDaddy turned on 2-factor authentication. It is preventing us from paying for the renewals on our legacy domains – they won’t take payment and it is only $45.

  1. Make sure your phone number is a mobile number. The domain contractor does not use this to search your history and they will never call. They intend to text you to prove who you are.
  2. Make certain your email address is NOT associated with your domain. Whaaat?! That sounds counterintuitive. However, if your domain gets “parked” then the emails that use your domain name also stop arriving.